Gilmore, Ruth Esther

 About the author:

Dipl.-Ing. Ruth Esther Gilmore was born between the smoky blue-ridged mountains and the pirate beaches of North Carolina, USA and was raised in the USA, United Kingdom, and Europe.
She studied music, meteorology, and medicine before studying architecture and city planning. Last year Ruth Esther Gilmore was the first female independent candidate for lord mayor in Hanover. She represented a new generation and a novel philosophy about intertwining the fabrics of politics with green urban planning as well as using renewable resources in architecture. The impor-tance of citizens participating in urban trans-formations, the preservation of historical buildings and green zones, the renovation of schools, and the erection of housing for the poor and homeless were Ruth Esther Gilmore’s key themes. Also open-air sports and culture for teenagers were her central political topics.
Her poetry has been published in the anthology “Moorgezeiten - Eine Anthologie” and in the Frankfurter Bibliothek Jahrbuch “Gedicht und Gesellschaft”.
Ruth Esther Gilmore’s poems have also been published in the Poetry Ireland Review, in The Brittle Star and online on the Ledbury Poetry page. Her collection of poems “saving nature” was published in the Geest-Verlag 2019 and with it she became the first female poet to write about climate change, and also the first to implement the possibilities of protecting nature into poetry.