Antonia Uptmoor - Auburn

Antonia Uptmoor, Quakenbrück

He appeared. Out of nowhere, he appeared.
His face, so full of rage,
His eyes, so wide with hate.

There was a strangeness to the situation.
He appeared.
He shouted.
He threatened.

There was a beauty to his looks,
Genes, so overshadowed by the violence of his self.

He appeared.
He mocked.
He killed.


The rage, its flames spread over.
She took a step.
Left the circle of watchers behind.

The kindness in her eyes had left for fury.
A second, he took to understand.

She. Appeared.
She. Shouted.
She. Threatened.

The man, so full of rage,
She tried to help.

As did.

No one.

He appeared.
Called friends,
They. appeared.

Along with their hatred,
Came the violence in their boots.

They disappeared.

Nowhere to be found.

In the snow lay a girl, small and young.
Next to a boy, so scarred of his flight.
She tried to help.
As did.

No one.